Friday, 17 July 2015

Unboxing | Birchbox July 2015

It's that time again! Time for another unboxing, well I say unboxing except this month as you may or may not know BirchBox decided to change it from a box to a bag just for this month. Birch Box is a monthly subscription service that costs £10 without delivery so all together it comes to around £13.

 So this is what all the products look like outside the bag there seems to be quite a few products in it and I see a few cute little products that I can't wait to take a closer look at. The bag is also a nice tough from birchbox I might have preferred a pink or turquoise one but it's still cute.

So the first thing I pick out is this cute trio of POP eye shadows called Peach Parfiat. They come in a white, orange and brown shades. They are really pigmented shadows when I swatched them. The packaging is super cute and the flowers on the front make it a nice little palette. I'm travelling soon and so this will be perfect for travelling. It's a sample size however a full size product would cost £15.50.

Next thing we got was this Soigne Nail Lacquer which was full size and worth £11. I like the colour of the nail lacquer however it seems you need a couple of coats as it appears to be sheer. The packaging is really cute and is a rather large bottle.

Next we have this Benefit Dream Screen which is sun screen for the face it's a 6ml bottle and the packaging is so cute. I loved the fact that we got a benefit sample as I love the brand. This is a sample size but a full size would cost £25 so to get a sample is good as it is quite an expensive product to buy without sampling.

Next is this UNANI body treatment with aloe vera. If you get a sunburn this should help as aloe vera is known to be soothing on the skin. It's a good sample size and is great to throw in a beach bag with a towel. Or great for keeping in a bed side drawer for when you get home and your skin isn't feeling great.

The Spa To You nail buffer is another full size product and is worth £4.99 personally I am not thrilled about this product because I have many of these in my draw that I personally don't use however it's a nice bonus beauty extra.

Lastly we received this Indemne Eau de Genie which is an organic skin spritz. It is a birchbox exclusive and looks like it is a good sample size. It's not something I personally would buy however it's nice to try something new. The smell is quite nice but something special. I don't think I will buy this again but it's nice to try.

So this is my July birchbox I enjoyed going through it. If you got this box what did you think? Or if you didn't get this months edition what would your favourite product have been?

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